– Vic Salerno, CEO

At O’Connell Electric, we offer competitive compensation packages and provide the best tools, equipment and training across each segment of the trade. Our corporate culture encourages new ideas where innovative thinking isn’t just welcome, it’s rewarded.

Who We Are


Corporate events, team building, personalized training and career development, open communication at all levels of management, newly renovated offices, modern technology…. If these features sound attractive to you, you’re on the right track. We work hard to promote a culture of inclusiveness, teamwork, and shared success.


We are well known throughout our communities we live and work in, and are often recognized for our work with local boards, charities and various non profit organizations. If you’re looking for more than a career, but an opportunity to help our communities thrive, OCE is where you belong.


We are committed to our role as an industry leader and innovator, and are heavily involved at board levels with local and regional industry associations including the IBEW and NECA among others. We are consistently recognized for our craftsmanship, safety culture, and involvement throughout our industry.



“I didn’t know what to expect when I came into the construction industry and honestly don’t see myself working anywhere else. The support and learning opportunities I’ve experienced with O’Connell have had an enormous impact on my career. I come to work engaged and motivated every day.”

“It is uniquely rewarding to be recognized for your talents and have your input trusted nearly immediately. To be treated as an asset first as opposed to an expense is something lost in many businesses.”

“I’ve felt very comfortable with my coworkers and the environment we work in from day one. The resources and knowledge available from this group is unsurpassed. It allows me to work with a sense of confidence and provides me an opportunity for great learning experiences at every turn. O’Connell has really shown me a broader spectrum of the industry and I love it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

Internship Opportunities


Ready to start your career journey? Our internship program is designed to give you hands on experience, lasting professional connections, and a foot in the door to an award-winning culture and endless opportunity.
Internships vary between divisions, but generally, you will do real work with responsibilities such as drafting and visiting job sites. Our experienced staff will guide and coach you just as they would if you joined us on a permanent basis.

As well as finding out how we work, you will also get to know who we are, from the manager who oversees your progress to the employees who work alongside you, to the “buddy” who acts as your informal coach and supporter. If you complete the internship program successfully, you may be offered a permanent role with us.

Our internship opportunities offer a chance to learn about construction outside of the classroom. Whether you are interested in project management, safety, pre-construction/estimating or a business-related role, an internship is a great way to gain exposure and identify specific interests. Our interns are paired with a senior colleague and join projects in the field or within departments.


Entry Level + Internship Opportunities – Three-week, full-time, and co-op internships available for fall, spring and summer semesters.

Internship Testimonies

“My time with O’Connell this summer has been an amazing experience. Being surrounded by a team of diligent and intelligent managers has allowed me to learn an immense amount about the bidding process and the industry as a whole. I look forward to utilizing the skills I have learned both in the classroom and here at O’Connell throughout the rest of my career. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my great experience.”

– Andrew Crossway
Project Coordinator Intern | Power Group

“I enjoyed my summer at O’Connell tremendously! The employees make coming into work everyday something I can look forward to and really enjoy. Having the chance to learn new things each day and contribute to something that has a lasting impact on the company is a great feeling. I enjoyed going out on jobsites and working with real live equipment most this summer. O’Connell did a great job of taking me into live situations but always stressed being safe and how important safety was.”

– Chris Vaquero
Electrical Engineering Intern | Technical Services Group
University of Connecticut

“I started working with the Power Group at O’Connell during the pandemic when I was home from college, and it was the most valuable use of my time possible! I loved telling people that I worked at OCE because I was proud to work there, I felt like I was doing big things and contributing to the community in a cool way that worked with my skillset. I came in with little experience in this field, they took a chance on me, and as I learned more over time I was able to contribute more to bigger projects.”

– Matt VanKuren

Intern | Power Group
University of Buffalo


Our success relies on great people delivering innovative projects and solutions for customers across all services – Communications, Electrical Construction, Power Line, Renewable Energy, Substation, Technical Services, Airports, Bridges and Highways.

We offer an excellent benefits package including:

  • A competitive salary
  • Medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance
  • Paid-time off
  • 401k Retirement Plan

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