The US has become one of the more aggressive nations in promoting renewable and alternative energy technologies.  All signs point to a funding record for green technology in the coming years leading to increased development of renewable energy power generation at both commercial and residential levels.

O’Connell’s experience in the renewable energy market began with extensive work at hydroelectric power generation facilities that carried into the early 1980s.  Our work at the 2,353-megawatt Robert Moses Niagara plant, one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in the world, along with others, were instrumental in further formalizing our Substation and Power Line divisions.  These divisions are core to O’Connell’s business, today.

While the bulk of our hydroelectric work has transitioned to testing, commissioning and preventative maintenance contracts handled by our Technical Services Division, our Renewable Energy Division has broadened its sights to include wind, solar, and land fill gas to energy (LFGTE) technologies.

Sectors of the renewable energy market that O’Connell services include wind, solar, waste to energy/cogeneration, and hydroelectric.  For the alternative energy sector O’Connell has worked at both nuclear and ethanol facilities.

Wind Energy

O’Connell provides comprehensive turnkey electrical construction solutions for wind power generation facilities.  Our experience spans ten years and 14 facilities including the first three commercial wind farms in New York State.  Our services incorporate overhead and underground transmission and collection systems, substations, switchyards, point of interconnect, acceptance testing, commissioning, preventative maintenance, tower wiring and fiber optics.

Solar Energy

O’Connell’s Solar Division was established in 2005.  We leverage our extensive resources to provide state of the art solutions for hundreds of commercial, government, educational, and residential customers.  As an industry leader in the renewable energy sector and an experienced commercial wind farm contractor, O’Connell stands ready to apply their cumulative expertise at utility grade solar power generation farms.