Our Corporate Mission

As one of the nation’s top-ranking electrical contractors, O’Connell Electric is committed to leading the industry in safety advancements, workforce training and customer satisfaction.  We will meet and exceed customer expectations through our full-spectrum of electrical design, build and maintenance services, state-of-the-art assets and superior financial strength, completing projects on time and on budget.  We will continue to master new technologies as they develop in our industry and to pursue new and emerging markets that are driven by technology.  We pledge to maintain our progressive business philosophies and pursue unique and challenging projects to help build a corporate culture that fosters innovative thinking and strategic action.

Our Corporate Values

In tandem with our corporate mission statement, these nine core values encompass the character of O’Connell Electric.  They underscore our commitment to people, professionalism, and accountability.  They define us as a company and delineate where we are not willing to compromise.