The work we provide through our Technical Services Division is key to what makes O’Connell Electric a full service electrical contractor. We provide testing, commissioning, and preventative maintenance services critical to safe, reliable electrical systems operation—for businesses, at substations, and on power lines—as well as electrical engineering design and support services.

Additionally, as a Doble Engineering client, O’Connell has access to the industry’s most sophisticated diagnostic test equipment as well as 25 million test results on over 100,000 types of apparatus. As a member of TEGG, our technicians and management teams are guaranteed to be current with the latest training, procedures, and equipment, allowing us to maintain the highest level of electrical systems reliability, performance, and maintenance.

The projects we work on are as diverse as the services we offer. For Steel Winds wind farm, what began as a small condition assessment project on a retired substation grew to full electrical construction at the site. O’Connell’s diagnostic results along with substation design modification recommendations convinced developers we were right for the job. On a large power generation decommissioning project, O’Connell was contracted to perform testing and commissioning at eleven active substations while maintaining power. We also performed acceptance testing across 53 circuit miles of underground 115KV cable for the project.

With O’Connell, you’ll never be left in the dark. Our 24-hour emergency response team is at the ready 7 days a week.