Reduce Costs. Increase Productivity. Conserve Resources. Though similar demands are common across most industries, few translate into the pressures associated with today’s industrial manufacturing sector.  Electrical distribution systems at industrial facilities will continue to evolve. Since 1911, O’Connell has remained at the forefront of trends and advances in the industrial market segment. Today, O’Connell employs the latest technologies for bringing centralized control to manage your resources, manufacturing processes and energy consumption.  We keep companies ahead of the energy legislation curve and will qualify your business for any applicable incentives.

O’Connell works with hundreds of manufacturers, streamlining their facilities through the design, construction and maintenance of highly technical interconnected systems.  Our solutions will be customized for your business and for your specific application.  Our trained, experienced workforce is prepared to supply all the electrical needs your facility requires to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Sectors of the industrial/manufacturing construction market that O’Connell services include food, beverage and tobacco, textiles, paper, chemical, wood, primary and fabricated metal, machinery, computer and electronic, electrical equipment, and transportation equipment.

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