Stokoe Farms was founded on only 100 acres of land in 1812. Today, the farm is still at its original location in Scottsville, NY. The family friendly environment offers over 35 different activities and even a custom corn maze for customers to enjoy seasonally.  Through seven generations, the Stokoe family has expanded the farm to more than 3,500 acres, encompassing the towns of Wheatland, Caledonia, Avon and Rush, NY.


Stokoe Farms needed to ease their seasonal electricity demand.

Due to the seasonal spikes in energy usage during the farm’s active months, their electric bill would always spike dramatically. The Stokoe’s began exploring new ways to help decrease their utility rates, lower their energy consumption and remain stewards of their land. They learned that utilizing solar technology would offer the ability to not only lower their electric bills, it would allow them to decrease their environmental impact.


Solar provides more than 100% utility offset.

Rochester Solar Technologies worked closely with Stokoe Farms and designed a 19.98 kW roof-mounted solar PV system.  The farm is experiencing more than 100% offset of electricity with solar and saving nearly $2,761 in annual revenue.  The Stokoe family has also reported that their new system creates a feel-good factor that they are making energy, not just using it, and that it brings up great conversation with customers.