Lake Beverage started selling beer after prohibition ended in 1933 and has grown to be a regional leader in selling some of the finest beers and non-alcoholic beverages in the area, servicing approximately 1,600 customers throughout Western-Central New York.  Since 1991, Lake Beverage has been located at 900 John St. in W. Henrietta, NY and currently employs close to 100 full and part time team members.

Investing in independent energy sources.

Lake Beverage has a long history of reducing, reusing and recycling.  For decades, the company has been recycling more than eighty percent of beer and other beverage containers it sells, which amounts to over 40 million containers annually, including 40 tons of cardboard and plastic that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  The company was looking for a new way to decrease their ecological footprint and chose to invest in reducing their demand on electricity provided by the local utility company.

Solar saves nearly $50,000 annually.

Rochester Solar Technologies installed a 445 kW solar PV system that decreased Lake Beverage’s electrical use exponentially. The beverage distributor is estimated to save $47,312 annually.  Overall, Lake Beverage’s demand for grid-provided energy was offset 73% using solar energy.