December 2023

Victor E. Salerno – Retired CEO, Board Member, and Philanthropist, passed away on December 17, 2023, peacefully in his home.

For many of us at O’Connell Electric that worked with Vic over the years, our hearts are heavy, yet brimming with gratitude as we reflect on his life and legacy. His passing may leave a void, but the light he cast shines all the brighter in the memories we hold.

Vic joined O’Connell Electric in 1971 and was instrumental in the company’s year-over-year growth as well as the expansion of our service offerings.  Vic had an infectious passion for the business and unwavering integrity, he helped weave the very fabric of our success. He saw potential where others saw obstacles, and under his leadership, O’Connell grew, expanded, and impacted communities far and wide.

Vic’s reach extended far beyond the walls of our company. He was a builder, not just of buildings, but of relationships, communities, and futures. He sat on countless boards, guiding institutions like St. John Fisher College and the Rochester Museum & Science Center, sharing his wisdom and leaving a lasting impact. He saw opportunity in service, lending his expertise to organizations such as the Rochester Builders Exchange and many more.

His commitment to community ran deep. From spearheading the “Fisher Forward” capital campaign to receiving the prestigious Rochester Rotary Award, Vic consistently embodied the motto “Service Above Self.” He touched countless lives, leaving a legacy of hope and progress in his wake.

To his family, Eileen, Kimberly, Victor, and their families, our deepest condolences go out. Vic was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, cherishing every moment with those he loved dearly.

Vic may be gone, but his light remains. We see it in the thriving company he built, in the communities he strengthened, and in the hearts of every life he touched. Let us honor his memory not with mourning, but with a renewed commitment to carry the torch of service, passion, and integrity that he so brightly held.

Thank you, Vic, for everything. You will be deeply missed, but never forgotten.





“It is hard saying goodbye to Vic, he has made an impact on so many things here at OCE and in the Community.

I enjoyed working with Vic throughout his 50 years here at OCE. We worked side by side for many of those years. His strengths and mine differed quite a bit but in turn they were complimentary for us as a team along with everyone else here that has helped to make this company so successful over all those years.

Vic always inspired everyone to do more and become more, to become a good leader, and to live your life doing good and leaving your mark behind for things that will outlast you.

I believe Vic thought about his legacy because he was writing it every day. He will truly be missed but his memories will live on, that is for sure.”

Tom Parkes, CEO





A portrait of Tom and Vic in early 2022, around the time Tom was transitioning to the role of Chief Executive Officer.