DECEMBER 2019 – Just last month, we finished our first-ever Electrical Hazard Awareness Training Program in Syracuse. The intent of the program is to give as many of our employees who work inside and not with high voltage, an opportunity to be trained and educated on a number of important electrical safety topics.

The topics covered over two days included: Rubber Good Policy, Arc Flash Clothing, Grounding Policy, Multi Meters, Wire Guarding Duty, Working with Generators and Core Drilling. We also reviewed and practiced Quality Tailboarding and discussed First Aid Kits, Water Gel Kits and AEDs. We had an excellent explanation of the differences between the Delta and Wye Systems found on utility poles.

We welcome anyone who thinks they would benefit from the class, and especially encourage our Project Managers to attend. Next trainings will be in Rochester and Albany.

A special thanks to the entire Safety Team for their work in developing and executing the training, and Tom Parkes’ support to make it happen.


Pictured above: Our partners at Hilti attended the training sessions to present new tools now available for coring.

OCE has committed to providing new, modern coring kits that are currently being distributed to each office.  We have invested over $160,000 in new coring tools.