DECEMBER 2019 – In June of this year, 25 Foremen kicked off our inaugural Foreman Development Program, seven months of classes designed around 13 modules created to position these individuals for future success working for O’Connell.

The program was developed after several management meetings, it was agreed that O’Connell, and our industry altogether, need to put more effort into training our front-line field employees.

Our continued success with projects will hinge on developing well-rounded foremen that think and act in a leadership capacity, inspired to exemplify the core values necessary to motivate our employees to perform at the highest level of craftsmanship and integrity.

Participants were selected by the individual’s respective Division Managers. Two class groups makeup a diverse team of foremen from each region we operate – from Buffalo to Albany.

The modules include classes on OCE specific procedures as well as general leadership and communication techniques. With each class, foremen have been exposed to, in great detail, everything from estimating a project through startup, material management, labor relations, man-loading and managing production through documentation, change management and project closeout. Specific classes were also hosted just to address leadership and communication as well.

Feedback has been very positive over the duration of the training. The program will conclude in mid-December.  Another class is expected to begin in mid to late-Spring.  Participants will again be selected by Division Managers to attend.