As we continue to execute our leadership transition plan, we’re excited to announce leadership changes within our Power Group.

Dave Emmi is being promoted to the role of Vice President, Power Group.  In his new position Dave will be tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Power Group with a particular emphasis on our line and vegetation management service offerings and will be responsible for continuing to develop our Power Group team.  Dave has been instrumental in the growth and development of both services which account for a significant percentage of the company’s yearly revenue and workforce.

Dave said, “I first met O’Connell Electric at Syracuse University in 2004 at the North Campus 34.5kV underground expansion project, however it was actually still going by Syracuse Merit Electric at the time. Back then, being a young punk, I had no idea that electric infrastructure construction would become my life’s work. Now, eighteen years later, I have the honor of taking on the duty of a Vice-President. As a member of the executive team, I will bring a continued focus on the safety of our workforce, an incredibly high level of customer service, and thoughtful sustainable growth for many years to come. I am certain that with the team we have here at O’Connell, we will continue to be the best electrical contractor in the business and I am so excited to be here.”

In addition, Tim Ehmann is being promoted to Vice President, Substations.  In his new position Tim will be tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Power Group’s substation projects, continuing to develop our renewable energy customer relationships and mentorship of our substation project managers.  Over the years Tim has managed and developed some of the company’s largest and most complex projects.

“From my early teens, I have learned something every day from those I have interacted with, especially my father. I now learn every day from many younger than me,” Tim said. “This VP role is a good fit for me, for the OCE management team, for our clients and for our workforce.”

Tim said, “The opportunities and experience I have gained with IBEW/NECA and OCE are wasted if I cannot share and mentor our managers and field workforce. The future power opportunities are too crazy these days to shy away from. Quality, sustainable, reliable, responsible, and safe are virtues I uphold. The executive team has built quite a foundation beneath this company. I am proud to be considered as one of the building blocks both our workforce and clients can rely on. Thank you for your confidence in my abilities and respect.”

With Dave and Tim’s promotion to Vice President, they will be joining our senior leadership team to help develop and execute our company’s mission, vision, and goals.

These promotions are effective as of this announcement on June 14th.  When you cross paths or have a chance to talk to either Dave or Tim, be sure to congratulation them for their notable promotions.

Michael Parkes, COO said, “I trust that under Dave and Tim’s leadership we will take the Power Group to new heights.”