The project, in the towns of Clinton and Ellenburg in Clinton County, New York, along the St. Lawrence Seaway, will incorporate 72 Vestas 3-megawatt turbines, each 492 feet high, the largest ever installed in New York State. The project originally called for 109-2.1 megawatt turbines. This larger model turbine is designed to achieve greater efficiencies of production by using new gearbox and control designs, and by increased height and blade swept area to maximize generation potential at low and medium wind speed sites.

The project is owned by Horizon Wind Energy and EDP Renewables, a subsidiary of Energias de Portugal. Horizon is developing a number of other sites in New York that may be suitable for wind generation facilities. When this project is completed, Clinton County will host the most wind generating installed capacity in New York with over 500 megawatts installed.