“It is a very proud accomplishment for our employees,” said Victor Salerno, CEO. The 270 day no lost time goal was achieved following the guidelines of O’Connell Electric’s safety incentive program, which outlines that goals are met upon working 90, 180, 270 and 360 days without an incident that results in lost time for the company. “The program was implemented to keep safety at the forefront of our daily work activities,” Salerno explained. “We’ve seen a huge difference in the attitude and behaviors of our workforce when they all know how far we’ve come and what’s at stake when we don’t work safe.”

At the beginning of the the year, O’Connell celebrated reaching 180 days without a lost time incident. “At 180 days, that’s really when the momentum starts to build,” Salerno said. “The team effort to continue reaching these goals becomes so immense, everyone in the company gets on board with it,” he explained. O’Connell electric has reached the 270 day goal only one other time since implementing the safety incentive program. The company is now embarking on its ultimate goal of reaching 360 days of no lost time, which would equate to one million man hours worked, an enormous milestone in the commercial electrical industry.

About O’Connell Electric
Founded in 1911, O’Connell Electric Company is a full service electrical, power line, and communications contractor headquartered in Upstate New York, serving New York State and surrounding regions of the northeast. O’Connell Electric is ranked as the nation’s 50th largest U.S. Electrical Contractor by Engineering News-Record and as Rochester’s Top Electrical Contractor by the Rochester Business Journal. Headquartered in Victor, NY, the company operates with offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Schenectady, NY.