2019 – Electrical contractors dominated the 2019 list of ENR New York’s Annual Top Specialty Contractors rankings, with OCE taking the third spot. We only lag behind two ECs who serve the NY City market. This means that among all electrical contractors throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, O’Connell is the largest EC outside of NY City. Our position in the northeast market is attributable to the serious growth we have been experiencing at our Power Group. The sheer number of boots on the ground and our experience with substation and T&D work has positioned us as a force to be reckoned with.

Our fleet has also grown considerably in the past couple of years to support the amount of work we have under contract. This allows us to maintain strong operational capabilities as we continue to bid and support our current projects. Our Technical Services Group has grown considerably as well, as we continue to support medium/high voltage and preventative maintenance services to customers across the state, parts of Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our team was instrumental in bringing home an eighty-million-dollar joint venture project for the New York Power Authority.