October 2018

This fall, dozens of men and women from our Syracuse Office volunteered time and materials to support Brady Farm, a local community garden that provides organic produce and education to under served communities in the Syracuse area.  Brady Farm was started only a few years ago with the goal of providing affordable, fresh, locally grown produce to the community.  The farm strives to maintain affordable prices in order to serve all people using a combination of weekly box shares, market shares, market stands, and donations to reach as many people as possible.

The total value of donated work was $75,000.  Our vendor partners donated the majority of materials.  This day of volunteering was well attended by our OCE team and the farm was elated with the end results.  The picture of the team only represents about half of the people that attended.

Great job to all our employees who volunteered.  Your actions speak volumes to OCE’s core values as you’re not just representing Syracuse, but the entire company. Thank you.

A message shared by Brady Farm:

We can’t express enough thanks to O’Connell Electric. Their staff donated their time, services, and materials, and the Brady Farm now has lights, heat, an ability to run cold storage and greenhouses. Not to mention a coffee maker. We can do so much for our community with power. Thank you, O’Connell!