Due to a failure on the B phase of RGE’s Line 943N feeder at Station 262 in Rochester, O’Connell Electric underground crews were awarded work under subcontract to Iljin Electric USA, Inc. The project was to remove, replace, and then assist Iljin Electric splicing crews to complete the necessary repair. 

The work, which took place in the span of ten days, involved the removal of 150-foot of 3000KCM 115kV copper underground cable from a splice vault into the basement of Station 262.  Following the removal, the crew, with the assistance of a 60-ton crane and lowboy, loaded and transported a 34,520-pound, 12.5-foot tall oversized cable reel through the city of Rochester from Cairn Street to Mount Hope Avenue. 

With the cable reel safely transported and set into place, the underground crew successfully installed 172-foot of new cable from the splice vault into the station with some creative rigging. 

Two underground employees assisted two Iljin Electric cable splicers for the next week while they completed the 3000KCM inline splice within the vault. Our Technical Services Group also assisted in providing three rounds of jacket integrity testing to prove the integrity of the installation.