When it’s built, the new warehouse will be one of the largest of its kind in the world standing at 4.2-million-square-feet. Construction began in early March at the former site of the Liverpool Public Golf and Country Club. It will be one of Amazon’s most automated distribution centers. An Amazon spokesperson said the center will package small consumer items such as books, electronics, household goods and toys, and then ship them to other Amazon facilities, where they will be sorted for delivery to customers throughout Upstate New York and bordering states.

When construction is complete in August 2021, the facility will contain the latest in merchandise-moving technology, with ten miles of conveyor belts and hundreds of robots working alongside people. O’Connell Electric was awarded a record-setting contract for one of the largest inside electrical construction projects in the company’s history.

Construction if being executed on all five floors consecutively.

Our scope consists of:

HV Distribution including:

  • 34.5kV distribution served from the 115kV/34.5kV high lines north of the project site

  • Four 34.5kV underground branch circuits will serve the facility, one circuit per main service

  • The four main services are 4000A, 480V, 3-phase, 4-wire

  • The electrical site consists of:
    • 14 sections; 38kV HV distribution switchgear
    • 11,000 ft. of underground primary conduit, 33,000 ft. of 34.5kV cable
    • Four 2.5 MW transformers
    • Underground grounding system
    • One 750kW generator and one 275kW generator with associated automatic transfer switches
    • Underground service for two guard houses
    • Underground service to a pump house
    • 119 pole light assemblies
    • Four monument entrance signs

Facility electrical systems including:

  • Under slab distribution system made up of over 60,000-linear-feet of conduit with feeders
  • Temporary power
  • Four main service electric rooms
  • UPS system
  • Multiple power distribution centers throughout the facility
  • Main distribution frame room with 27 intermediate distribution frame rooms.
  • 12,000 interior light fixture assemblies
  • Lighting control system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Electrical serving workstations for packaging systems on multiple floors
  • Electrical serving robotic charging stations
  • Lightning protection system
  • Electrical serving mechanical systems
  • Raceway systems for low voltage systems
  • Electrical serving material handling system