Del Lago Resort & Casino was designed and built to be a world-class gaming venue, featuring 2,000 slots, 75 table games and a ten-table poker room.  Among other high-end features, the casino is well equipped for dining and entertainment.

O’Connell was contracted to install the complete build out of all bar and restaurant venue branch power and lighting, including all of the food service equipment hook ups.  Our Construction Division also installed raceways for beverage conduit systems, including six-inch PVC under slab and aluminum six-inch tray systems above ground.  The Temperature Control Division is installed environmental controls for the Siemens complete building management system.

The project is utilized heavy BIM coordination, managed by our Construction Services Division out of Victor, NY.  While our noticeable work is the high-end light fixtures, it all started underground. The crew installed thousands of feet of conduit for power supply to the bars and restaurants.  Electricians even installed conduits and pulled in soda, beer and liquor lines.