The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge is a 1-1/2-mile cable suspension bridge spanning the Saint Lawrence Seaway that links the north-central border of New York State with Canada. The bridge is a vital international conduit for the transportation of persons and goods and connects much needed economic development projects for the region on either side of the border. Built in 1960, the Ogdensburg Bridge had recently been categorized as a structurally deficient surface transportation asset. Pursuant to New York State’s adopted Transportation Master Plan for 2030 the bridge was targeted for rehabilitation in order to “achieve a state of good repair” and to ensure the bridge’s longterm viability. The Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority partnered with the New York State Department of Transportation to implement the $48 million rehabilitation project. Work included replacement of all main span bridge decking, structural steel floor beams and stringers, raised concrete safety walks, and bridge railing systems across both approach spans and the main suspension spans.