O’Connell has partnered with EDF Renewables to develop a 6MW solar project in Verona, NY. 

The solar array currently spans 30 acres across the Quiet Meadows farm with over 17,000 solar panels. The property owner decided to continue to keep the rest of the farm fully operational. To protect the surrounding farm land, the designers completed a full wetland delineation before construction began. Once completed the site was then planted with native grasses and plants and is surrounded by agricultural fencing as opposed to chain link to decrease the visual impact of the array. It also operates with no emissions and minimal noise pollution. 

With a lifespan of 35 years the project has the ability to power 1,053 homes. Local residences, farms and local businesses can benefit from the clean electricity that is offered to them at a reduced price. 

O’Connell was also contracted to build an additional 7.5MW solar array on the farm with the capacity to power 1,540 homes.