Trolley Station is a new construction project developed by DePaul, a private not-for-profit organization committed to providing quality senior living residential services, mental health residential and treatment programs, addiction prevention and support programs, and affordable housing.

Situated in Canandaigua, NY, the new building offers 44 one-bedroom and four two-bedroom apartments providing affordable and supportive housing that offers services for low-income residents with behavioral health issues.

Solar fulfills a green initiative.

DePaul was interested in new initiatives to make a positive impact on the environment and enhance their green efforts they so strongly believe in. When the company reached out to Rochester Solar Technologies to learn more about the benefits of solar technology, they realized that adding a solar PV system could be a unique and featured aspect of their new building project.

Not just green, DePaul realized financial benefits too.

Not only was solar a green option, DePaul quickly realized the financial benefits as well.  Rochester Solar Technologies installed a 94.5 kW system designed to cut the building’s energy needs in half.  Trolley Station is anticipated to save roughly $14,000 annually on its electric bill.  The array consists of nine AllEarth dual-axis trackers, each with 24 LG 300 watt solar modules as well as a roof mounted array.