The technology industry is one of the most dynamic markets we serve.  Whether a research and development facility or a telecommunications business, one constant remains, the electrical requirements of the industry are demanding and unique.  Another constant has been the presence of O'Connell Electric.  We have consistently met the special, changing needs of this market.

Today’s high technology business facilities utilize advanced electronic equipment and power distribution systems that necessitate reliable, high quality power sources.  Electrical requirements for segments such as data and telecommunications centers can be described in two words: Mission Critical.  Loss of power or power quality can be catastrophic.  In the event of power failure, switching from normal to emergency power must take place seamlessly.  Likewise, R&D facilities are technically sophisticated and electrically intensive.

At O'Connell, we are specialists at keeping up with change.  We bring the experience, expertise, resources, and project management skills necessary to meet the sophisticated electrical system challenges presented by this market sector.  We are a trusted source for bringing facilities online quickly and for keeping them operating reliably.  In the end, we recognize that our reputation is on the line just as much as yours is.

Sectors of the technology market that O'Connell services include communications, data centers, and research and development.

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Telecommunications Projects

  • Auburn Movieplex
  • Evangola State Park
  • Rochester Athletic Club
  • Rochester Yacht Club
  • Sally's Beauty Salon
  • VanBuren State Park
  • WROC TV 8
  • YMCA

Data Centers Projects

  • IBM (Emergency Generators)
  • Level 3 Communications
  • Sprint
  • Steuben 911 Center (CM)
  • SU-Green Data Center
  • Switch and Data

Electronics Projects

  • IBM
  • Laser Diode-Array

Research & Development Projects

  • Rome Labs

Other Projects

  • Keller Technologies
  • QED Technologies
  • Qualitrol
  • Surmotech
  • Thermal Cable Systems

Bridges & Locks Projects

  • Albion Canal Bridges
  • Barge Canal Lock 33 in Brighton NY
  • Monroe County, NY
    —O'Rorke Lift Bridge
  • Norfolk Southern Railway
    —Alabama Bridge Cluster
    —Douglas/Anthony Memorial Bridge Lighting Project


Other Projects

  • Rochester Transportation System