O'Connell has over 75 years experience constructing the power line collection, transmission, and distribution systems that supply electrical energy from power generation sources to customers across the northeastern United States. We provide turnkey solutions for any size transmission and distribution project and are mutual aid responders, providing power restoration services in emergency situations.

O'Connell has a knack for taking on large, challenging projects and leveraging them to strengthen and expand our service offerings. Case in point: for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid we tackled the rugged terrain, steep granite faces, and treacherous weather conditions of Whiteface Mountain, installing overhead, underground, and surface-mounted cable, from base to peak. When the U.S. Army moved to expand its Fort Drum military base, O'Connell jumped at the chance to take on the massive distribution project  encompassing over 500 square miles.

We have established a reputation among our customers for providing quality, reliable overhead and underground power line systems on schedule and within budget. Our experienced and highly trained personnel, modern tools, construction equipment, and diverse fleet of vehicles provide us with the capability to handle power line transmission and distribution work of any size, scope, and complexity.

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Power Line


Site Development Services

  • Environment Management & Construction Plans (EM&CP)
  • Tree Clearing
  • Staging Areas

Construction Services

  • Pole Setting & Framing
  • Wire Stringing & Removal
  • Cable Pulling & Removal
  • Demolition of Poles & Equipment
  • Conduit & Manhole Systems
  • Conduit Cleaning & Threading
  • High Voltage Splicing & Termination
  • Technical Services
  • —Engineering Services
  • —Overhead & Underground
       Cable Testing
  • —Pole & Line Inspection
  • —Testing & Commissioning
  • Record Keeping

Service, Maintenance & Emergency Response Services

O'Connell provides comprehensive end-to-end overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems preventative maintenance and emergency response services.

  • *Custom Maintenance Programs*
  • Overhead & Underground Line Inspection & Repair
  • Tree & Branch Trimming & Clearing
  • Pole, Cross-arm & Insulator Replacement
  • Wire Splicing & Re-Hanging
  • General Re-hang & Re-attach Services
  • Remove & Replace Pad-mounted Gear
  • Pull-In, Rack, Splice & Terminate Cable
  • Cut-out, Fuse & Lighting Arrestor Replacement
  • Transformer, Regulator & Capacitor Replacement
  • Technical Services
    Preventative Electrical Maintenance
  • —Infrared Scanning
  • —Transformer Oil Analysis
  • —Ultrasonic Scanning
  • —Circuit Breaker Primary &
       Secondary Injection Testing
  • —Megger Testing
  • —Harmonic Analysis
  • Mutual Aid Response—Disaster & Storm Restoration Services
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Response
    —Call 800 343-2176